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Investment Strategy

An attractive financing option for investors.

Over the past decade, venture debt has emerged as a major alternative source of financing for high-growth startups that have traditionally been financed almost exclusively through venture capital.

Investment strategy and positioning:

  • Diversification and granularity
  • Investments throughout Europe
  • Loan to value ration of 10-15%
  • Strong and dedicated management team
  • Focused on high-growth startups
Skyfall Investoren

Loan Structure

Special parameters of the loan makes venture debt a safe investment.

The special structure of our loans provides for a derisking structure which starts  from day one and is customized perfectly to the needs of the respective startup.

  • Optimal loan to value ratio 10 % – 15 %
  • Funding in tranches and depending on the achievement of milestones
  • VC backed – strong sponsors
  • Customized senior collaterals – best position of all investors

Sustainable Investment ESG

Sustainable Finance: Invest sustainably, benefit sustainably.

At Skyfall, we make sure to meet the principle of sustainable financing by including sustainability factors and considerations in the decision-making processes of our investments.

Skyfall Financing Chart

More Information

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