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Bastian Schätzle

Chief Executive Officer /

More about Bastian

Bastian grew up in Heidelberg in south Germany. From a young age he had an entrepreneurial spirit which turned into an infinite passion to build businesses. While still in school, Bastian discovered his passion to invest into the future early on and started building up a portfolio of stocks with a focus on tech-driven companies.

Bastian studied Business Administration in Augsburg and started his professional career at Deutsche Bank in sales. An experience that taught him the value of hard work, result-orientation and the importance of focusing on the needs of customers.

He knows from personal experience what founding and running your own company means as he founded homefully, the largest innovative co-living provider in Europe, as he has seen the highs and lows of building and running a venture business at lightning speed. As CEO he was able to raise EUR 20 Mio. venture capital but only EUR 50.000 in debt using a private guarantee.
Experiencing first-hand how difficult it is to access the venture debt market and how quickly one’s own shares dilute in the equity rounds, formed the thought to create a powerful financing partner for startups – the idea of Skyfall was born.

In 2021 he successfully sold his shares and had his personal exit. The lack of strong financing partners in Europe still in mind, he just two weeks later founded Skyfall following once again his passion for building an investment.

As entrepreneur and former venture CEO, Bastian knows how partnering with seasoned investors is key – particularly when developing large, sustainable companies.

Outside of work, Bastian is an amazing chef appreciated by his employees who loves to travel around the world, from Antarctic to Singapore. His hotel recommendation on Sicily is Susafa.

The quality I look for most is optimism: especially optimism in the face of reverses and apparent defeat. Optimism is true moral courage.
– inspired by Sir Ernest Shakleton
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